Supply Of Unserviceable Items-1. Pipette Washer 2.Drying Rack ( Tarson Make ) 3. Magnatic Stirrior With Hot Plate 4.Laboratory Heating Plate With S.S Top I.S Kva 5. Electrophoresis, With Power Supply 6. Seed Germinator ( Sew ) Size 605 With Six Trays 7. Anal Tical X 550X 550 Pollyacrylla Mide ( Perfit Brand ) 8. Constant Voltage Transformer ( Logic State ) 9.Fen Type P.H Meter Pen Type Ph Meter 10. Scientific Calculator Fx-82 11.Exhaust Calculator Fx-82 12.Glassware Drain Syatem Glassware Drain 13.Sipcon Projection Microscope 14. Plant Growth Chamber India Make Of Stainless Steel Size Etc.

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Council of Architecture



January 09, 2018

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