Bids Are Invited For Ph-Meter / Potentiometer , Conductometer Weighing Balance, Corrosion Cell , Electrochemical Cell , Electrodes, Magnetic Stirrer , Probe Sonicator, Orbital Shaker, Uv Lamp With Adjustable Height, Centrifuge Machine, Cryostat Circulating Bath, High Vacuum Pump , Water Bath Rectangular Double Wall, Ultra Sonicatorbath, Vertical Quartz Double Distillation Unit , Rotatory Evaporator With Chiller And Pump, Compact Tape Casting Coater W / Vacuum Chuck, Film Applicator, Vacuum Oven, High Pressure Stirred Reactor System , Hotplate Stirrers, Digital Package Overhead Stirrer, Oil Bath With Magnetic Stirrer, Uv Vis Spectrophotometer, Abbe’S Refractometer , Polarimeter, Dipole Meter, Hydrothermal Autoclave , Hot Air Oven, Hydraulic Press, Muffle Furnace, Photocatalytic Reactor With Magnetic Stirrerand Chilling System, High Temp. Tube Furnace With Chiller, Vacuum Pump

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September 20, 2022

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