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Bids Are Invited For Roofing Sheet By Military Engineer Services

Latest bids are invited by Military Engineer Services for purchase of Repair/ Replacement Of Roof Sheet Ceiling And Roof Treatment Floor Sanitary Fittings, Wall And Floor Tiling, Joinery And Rewiring Of Internal Electrification Incl Replacement Of Electrical Fittings, Fixtures In Md And Otm Accn At Mil Stn Kalka Under Demolition of cement concrete (unreinforced) in the ground floor and paving n ex 15cm thick (below or above ground level) and removing rubbish off the premises to a distance n ex 150 m & deposited where directed at a level in ex 1.5m above the starting point complete all as specified and directed on a priority basis.

The due date of this bid is 06-03-2021

The estimated contract tender value is not available please refer to the tender document for detail.

More details are available on TDR: 27010784

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