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construction Tenders in Haryana

Many construction Tenders in Haryana. One of these Tenders is invited by the public Works Department for Construction of the embankment, subgrade and shoulders of new road with the soil of minimum CBR (4 days soaked) of 8% obtained from borrow pit with all lead and lift transporting to the site, spreading, grading to required slope and compacted to meet the requirement of table 300-2 of MoRT& H specification clause No. 305. The finished road surface will be as per X-section approved by the employer with respect to GTS. At no place, the top of the subgrade of the road shall not be less than 0.90 m above adjoining NSL. NSL for a block of 100m will be worked as a mean of 6 levels taken on 20 m center to center length of road. These six levels are at three locations on both sides one at the edge ROW. Other at 5 m and 10 m away from ROW. In case the quantity of earthwork calculated with NSL and finished level found to be less than 42036.14 cum. Then actual quantity (less than 42036.14 cum) will be paid. In case the quantity worked out is more than 42036.14 cum, then only 42036.14 cum will be paid. Excess quantity shall be incidental to work and nothing extra will be paid. Further, it shall be ensured that at least 500 mm of the subgrade with the earth of CBR 8% shall be constructed at each location. Wherever any cutting of existing subgrade is required on this account excavation as well as handling and disposal of earthwork to accommodate a minimum 500mm thick subgrade of minimum 8% CBR shall be carried out by the agency at his own cost. Nothing extra will be paid on this account. Before the start of work, the L-section shall be got approved by the employer with respect to GTS. However, a typical X-section attached in section 5 of DNIT.

The last date of submission of this tender is 22-04-2021

The estimated Tender Value is 4.76 Crore

More details are available on TDR:27566265

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