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Furniture Tenders In Haryana

Many Office Furniture Tenders in Haryana. One of these Tenders is invited by for Suppliers Manufacturer For Office Furniture And Fixture (Preferably Within Kamal Division), Office / Table Stationery Such As Pens, Flat/ Cobra Files, Folders Etc. Pre-Printed / Blank Continous Stationery Including Multi-Colour Policy Bonds, Printed Forms / Books / Leaflets / Registers Etc. Printing Of Various Craft Envelopes, Pads And Policy Dockets Etc. Repair And Maintenance Of Epbax / Telephones / And Telephone Cabling, Transport Services For Supply Of Stationery Packets / Cartoons In Various Stations Branches Under Kamal Division, Site/Cams Of File And Smoke Detectors, Lifts, Solar Panels Equipments, Fire Hydrant System, Security Guards, Electricians, Sales Promotion Event Management ( Hoarding, Display Gates Canopies And Events ), Making Of Glow Sign Board With Without Viny Matched Component System Specific Thiclzess And Tube Lights, Printing Of Banners, Standees And Other Printing Jobs With / With our Vinyl Sheets< Published Date>.

The last date of submission of this tender is Mar 28, 2021.

Estimated Tender Value is not available please refer to the tender document for detail.

More details are available on TDR:27256172

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