Haryana Tenders

Work For Laying Underground HDPE PVC Pipeline Tenders In Haryana

Notice inviting Haryana tenders are published by Department Of Irrigation for Work For Laying Underground Hdpe Pvc Pipe Line 8 Inch From Various Field Point To Drain For Dewatering Field Water For Village Samaspur In District Ch . Dadri For The Year . 2021 22 . , Earth Work In Excavation In Foundation , Trenches Etc In All Kinds Of Soils , Not Exceeding 2 Meter Depth Including Dressing Of Bottom And Sides Of Trenches Stacking The Excavated Soil , Clear Firm Felling Around Masonry In 15 Cm Layers With Compaction Including Disposal Of All Surplus Soil As Directed Within A Lead Of 30 Meters ( Hsr Item 6 . 6 ) , Providing , Lowering , Laying , Aligning , Fixing In Position And Joining At All New Jointing At All Level/Depths Isi Marked Hdpe Pipe Of Pe-100 Grade And Pn-6 For Sewer , Application As Per Isi 14333-1996 ( Amended Upto Date ) In Trenches In Complete Including Cost Of Hdpe Specials , Labour , Sectional Hydro Testing ( Including The Cost And Conveyance Of Water To Site For Testing ) Including Carriage Loading & Unloading Stacking Handling And Commissioning As Per Technical Specifications And As Per Direction Of Engineer . As Per Hsr Item No . 21 . 98 . 1:- 200 Mm Outside Dia . On government tender publish date 17-05-2021

The estimated Tender Amount is 21.31 Lakhs /-

the due date for bid submission is 03-06-2021

For more information, you can visit TDR: 27921035

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